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wordpress for dummies

WordPress Blogging for Dummies

When it comes to the ever so popular WordPress blogging platform there are noticeable differences and similarities to WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

One thing is for certain and that is the premium quality of performance WordPress, in general, provides to bloggers throughout the world.

This article will compare and contrast the dot com and the dot org of the WordPress blog and how each can be vital tools to making money online.

WordPress Facts


As you endeavor to make money online as a blogger it will become evident that a WordPress blog is a leader among blogs today!

WordPress.com and WordPress.org are both owned by the same makers. The fine makers at Automattic are responsible for developing each blogging platform.

What is even more impressive is the fact that both blogger software are absolutely free!

WordPress Themes


The theme of my blog, your blog, or even a national corporation’s blog compliment the driving message of the website and can be compelling to website visitors or even a turn off.

The raved about WordPress blog themes are varying in color, function, style, and price to suit your fancy.

A disappointing difference between the two mediums is that WordPress.com does not allow themes to be uploaded to your WordPress blog.

While a user has to access to hundreds of free themes WordPress and various developers make available, they are not afforded the opportunity to install a chosen themes for their WordPress site.

This may be a bit troubling as new themes for WordPress are readily available or one can even custom make a theme WordPress compatible!

WordPress Website Expenses


Often times it may be inevitable having to spend money when trying to make money. While WordPress.org allows a blog owner to upload and customize a WP theme, on this blog one must have web hosting in order for it to be made public online.

This is a necessary expense for this WordPress blog site and can run from $7 – $12 a month.

Furthermore, the downloading and installation of WP.org onto the hosting account may be a tad intimidating to some.

Blogging to make money with WordPress.com has no web hosting expenses associated! This blog is ready for use once an account is properly verified.

WordPress Plugins


A WP plugin is simply an add-on to the existing software that compliments the function of the WordPress blog and enhances it is some fashion.

Some plugins fight against spam or even back up your WP blog.

WP.org gives blog users the option of applying plugins whereas WP.com does not. One of the more preferred plugins for bloggers seeking money is All-in-One SEO Pack. This plugin allows the content to be optimal.

Another plugin is ShareThis which installs social media buttons on the blog.

These two plugins are an added benefit to the WordPress blog experienced at WP.org. Unfortunately, WP.com does not have plugin capabilities.

WordPress Money Making Possibilities


Blogging and affiliate programs or cost-per-action programs are a winning combination! Google AdSense is a favorite affiliate program of bloggers.

Bloggers’ web traffic reward them with money whenever they click on a Google AdSense advertisement which are throughout the blog post. Sadly, Google AdSense cannot be included on the WordPress.com platform.

Furthermore, direct affiliate links or affiliate banners cannot be featured there either.

You might wonder of the practicality of WP.com if you cannot utilize it to display money making connections. The dot com WordPress blog can be a weighty backlinking arsenal for any blogger wishing to make money online!

Knowing that WordPress is search engine optimization friendly and indexes rather expeditiously, not being able to link to affiliate products and so forth should not discourage money seekers in using this fine tool.

Writing posts that pertain to the affiliate product or cost-per-action form and then linking from that WP.com post to your website where the actual affiliate link or cost-per-action form lies is strategically fantastic!

The dot com WordPress blog can have do follow links which will serve as mighty votes to the search engine spiders. The more you use WP.com blog posts to link to your website indicates that your website is worthy of attention or to be listed on the front page of the search engine. Such a position should result in targeted website traffic. Ultimately, this traffic could convert into sales!

WordPress.org does allows the usage of affiliate links, Google AdSense, or cost-per-action opt-in forms. On this WordPress blog you can parade affiliate banners, advertisements, textual advertisements, and more.

However, without backlinks a WP.org blog may not be effective. Whether a WP.com blog is used or some other form of backlink, website traffic and sales will result from massive backlinks.

So you see, WP.com is an easy blogger to get started and maintain. However, it has limitations with WP themes,lack of plugins, and cannot house affiliate links, affiliate banners, or cost-per-action forms. WP.org, on the other hand, requires maintenance is getting it started and maintaining it. However, can host affiliate products and advertisements like Google AdSense.

While both WordPress.com and WordPres.org have many similarities and differences, when it comes to making money through blogging each has its own unique job and is essential to any money making-campaign!

This author enjoys website analysis on various platforms.

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Start a blog

Start a Blog – Where should I start?

You have probably thought about starting a blog before, but you have questions.

In this article, I will help you understand what it takes to start a blog, and why you should have one.

What is a blog?

A blog is short for “web log” which can be perceived as money things, but was originally intended to be a personal online journal.

Since those days, many things have changed, and the people simply using blogs as merely a personal journal are few and far between.

That is because the benefits of having a blog that appeals to the masses can be very lucrative although time consuming and tedious.

Where should I start?

Almost everybody looking to start a blog needs to know what to do from square one.

First things first, everybody needs a web hosting company.

A web host stores files remotely in storage devices known as servers. Once somebody visits your web page, those files are released to the viewer.

This way, the owner of the website does not have to store files on their own computer. More on web hosting can be seen in other articles that I have written.

Pick a topic that you are passionate about.

For example, if you are passionate about travel, or cooking, you should consider starting a blog dedicated to just that.

The reason I say choose something that you are passionate about is because the first few months of owning a blog can be very lonely.

It is important that what you are writing about doesn’t take a lot out of you.

Once you have your topic that you want to write about, you must choose a domain name. Since there are so many domain names taken, you must think of an original name that has at least something to do with your topic.

You can check domain name availability at several places such as Namecheap. An example of a domain name is justhost.com.

They specialize in web hosting, and you can tell that just by their name.

Types of blogs

Almost every company out there has a blog, because it is great for business.

Companies will write articles about their company or industry, which will help increase the amount of traffic related to their website.

On the other hand, there are individuals who have blogs, just to get their ideas out there.

Professional blogs are usually not listed on the home page of the website.

In most cases, there is a separate page within the website where the blog is located. This way, viewers wont get confused about what the websites original intention is.

If there is an oil company that has a website, in most cases, going to their front page will not show a blog. It will be located in another part of the website.

Individual blogs usually have the blog on the home page. A good example is Paris Hilton, which is a celebrity gossip blog.

If your main intention is to get your ideas out there for the world to see, having the blog on the main page is your best bet.

Most individuals who write blogs choose this method over any other method out there.


WordPress is the most common form of blog developing with personal blogs and even professional websites.

WordPress has become wildly popular because of its ease of use, and because you don’t need to know programming in order to use it.

Before signing up for a web hosting service, make sure that they allow a free installation of WordPress. Everything can be done with a few clicks of the mouse, and you can have your website up and running in a day. This is very appealing to people who have busy schedules, because in one weekend, you can have your website started and ready to lure in customers.

Gaining Attention:

The best way to get attention to your blog is to write, write, write. The more content that your website has, the more valuable it is to search engines.

It is common knowledge that Google indexes your web page based on how much content it has among with a large degree of other factors.

Make sure that your blog posts are related to the category that you are looking to get into search engines for.

For example, if you have a cooking blog, it wouldn’t be a good idea to write about politics or sports. This may confuse Google or other search engines to believe that your website is not authentic.

Other things your can do is submit your blog posts to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon.

This will increase traffic to your site as well as give viewers the chance to share with others.

Should I start a blog?

Absolutely! Starting a blog is not that difficult and can get your ideas out there to the masses and maybe make you a few bucks.

If you have a business, starting a blog can be a major influence on who your customers are.If you are an individual who has a hobby that you would like to share with the world, starting a blog is the perfect start to getting your ideas out there, and meeting with similar ideas.


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WordPress Blogging Theme

Wordpress Blogging Theme

If you want to start a blog, WordPress is probably the easiest and most user friendly application you can use.

There are even simpler options -such as using a free online blogging service such as Blogger.com, but then you really don’t have much control over your own site.

With WordPress, you get the best of both worlds -an easy to understand platform and unlimited features that enable you to grow your blog and add bells and whistles as you learn.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

First, I should point out that there are two WordPresses.

They are run by the same company, but WordPress.com is a service that hosts your blog for you -like Blogger, Tumblr and other third party sites.

These are often called Web 2.0 sites. There’s nothing wrong with creating your blog this way, but it does limit you in some ways.

When you use WordPress.com or any Web 2.0 site, you don’t own the blog.

You are simply renting space on it. This means that the host can delete your blog at any time.

This happens if you are deemed in violation of any TOS (terms of service). It’s surprisingly easy to do this, even without meaning to.

For example, WordPress.com does not allow you to make your blog commercial in any way. So if you want to start a business or even make a few extra dollars every month, this is not the way to go.

Another reason why WordPress.com and other such sites are not ideal is that you will have a harder time with SEO and generating traffic than if you owned the blog.

That’s because most of the “link juice” generated by your article will go to the host rather than your specific site.

That’s why WordPress.org is what I’m going to focus on here. This is when you buy a domain, get hosting and start your own blog.

Choosing a Domain and Web Host

Your domain is your URL -the address of your website or blog. If you haven’t chosen one yet, you will have to do this first. If you don’t have web hosting either, you will also need this. You can combine these if you want. Many web hosting companies offer you a free domain when you sign up for hosting.

When choosing a web hosting company, it’s good to pick one that has a lot of experience with WordPress. If you really want to be sure of this, you might go with WP Engine, a company that specializes in WordPress. They are, however, a little more expensive than most web hosts.

If you want to save money, you can still find a good web host that can support your WordPress site. Bluehost, for example, is highly recommended for this. They are even recommended by WordPress itself.

One suggestion I will make here is that, whatever web host you choose, try to pick a plan that gives you unlimited domains/websites. Sometimes one host will offer several different plans. The difference in price is usually only a few dollars per month.

The point is that creating WordPress blogs can be addictive! You will probably not want to stop with one. So you may as well have a hosting plan that lets you create as many as you want.

When choosing a domain, try to keep it short and simple. If you want your blog to rank well in the search engines, choose some good keywords in the title. These are words that people will actually search for when looking for information.

If your domain is something like Bobsblog.com or Marysblog.com, you will have a personalized name but not one that is likely to help you with SEO (search engine optimization). This is of particular importance if you intend to sell something. If you only want a blog to share with your friends, family members, co-workers, etc. then it’s not important.

How to Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is quite easy with most major web hosting companies. You usually use a script installer such as Fantastico or Softaculous (your web host probably has one of these -look on your control panel). You can then install WordPress in a few clicks.

I don’t want to waste too much space here describing the steps of installing WordPress, because you can find this at your web hosting company. There are also numerous articles and videos on this topic.

What Should You Blog About?

This doesn’t seem like it should be a problem, but many people experience “blogger’s block” after writing a post or two. I’m assuming that you’ve already chosen your topic. After all, if you can’t even think of a topic, it’s not really a good time to start a blog yet!

But even when you have a topic that interests you, it can be challenging to think of actual posts to write. For this, you may need to do some research for inspiration. Here are some ideas.

    • Set Google Alerts -You can get emails from Google that will deliver news to your inbox based on some keywords you choose.
    • Amazon -Check out what books are popular. Also check out their magazine section!
    • Other Blogs -check out Google Blogs and see what others in your niche are writing about. You don’t want to copy them, but you may get ideas you can put your own spin on.
    • Offline Books and Magazines -Go to the library, bookstore and magazine section at Barnes & Noble (or wherever magazines are sold). Read newspapers. These are all great sources for ideas.

Consistency is the Key to Success

If you have a blog, you have to write blog posts! This is really the most important “secret” to having a successful blog, believe it or not. You hear a lot today about “quality content,” which is, of course, important.

If you are populating your blog with auto-generated or spun content (if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about it -you’re better off!) you won’t get very far. The search engines are quick to recognize this as low quality content. However, you do have to generate posts on a regular basis.

Forgetting about the search engines for a moment, when a visitor sees that a blog hasn’t been updated in months, he or she is likely to conclude that it isn’t very active or relevant. You probably do the same when you are looking up new sites online.

Search engines also love blogs that are frequently updated. It also gives you more content for them to index. Let’s say a few words about SEO, as long as we’re on that topic.

The Vast Universe of WordPress Plugins

Once you get more familiar with WordPress, you may want to start looking into more advanced features. This often means adding plugins. These are tools that you upload to your WordPress site to perform a variety of functions.

Plugins can be used for security, SEO, to create forums or membership sites, to place contact forms on your site or hundreds of other things. Plugins give you the ability to accomplish many tasks that would otherwise require advanced knowledge of coding.

There are so many plugins for WordPress it would be impossible to keep up with them all. At first, you may not think you need any plugins -and this is true. Yet it’s so easy to use them that you may as well get your feet wet and install some basic ones.

You can access the plugins settings from your WordPress dashboard.

    • Akismet -This anti-spam plugin is already included when you install WordPress, but you have to get an API key to activate it. There are instructions on how to do this.
    • Google XML Sitemaps -This makes it easy for Google and other search engines to index your posts and pages.
    • W3 Total Cache -This is a great plugin to help your site load faster and operate more efficiently. It does this by caching posts, pages, databases, scripts and other elements that take up space.
    • BulletProof Security -Helps keep your site safe from attacks. This is important, as hackers often target WordPress sites.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast -Makes it much easier to optimize your site for the search engines.

The above is a very abbreviated list of what you can do with plugins. If you have any particular needs or ideas for special features for your blog, chances are there’s a plugin that can help you achieve this.

WordPress: The Perfect Place For Your Blog to Evolve

What makes WordPress so amazing for bloggers is that it can help you at any stage of your blogging career. For rank beginners, it makes it easy to set up a barebones blog. Advanced users can play with all the configurations and plugins.

Yet WordPress is still just a tool. It’s up to you to come up with awesome content so people have a reason to visit your blog!

What is the best web hosting for a WordPress site? There are many options, but there is one clear choice if you want real experts in this field. If you have a WordPress blog, you’ll want to check out the Best Web Host for WordPress

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Ron_Aldrich/113140


Blogging Tips

Start a Blog Website in 3 Minutes!

Really how?

Were you really thinking of just diving in without having the slightest idea of what to expect?

Being well prepared can take you a long way and quite possibly avoid some costly mistakes you might have faced if you decided to just jump in!

Blogging has redefined itself throughout the year.

Back during the early years of the internet, blogs were just considered as online journals where people would use them as an oline diary to write about their life and experience. Today, influential bloggers all over the world are considered as superstars, having followers in the tens of thousand who would gladly pay for a plane ticket to personally meet them, buy their products and purchase their online course!

The good news is, most of them started from somewhere and there are still plenty of other bloggers who are earning a sustainable passive income from their blog without becoming worldwide superstars. Its the same for you too, if you choose not to that is. Now lets get on with the tips on how to start a blog!

1. Finding Yourself

Simply put, you’ll first have to figure out what will you be writing about and who are the people you’ll be writing for. There are different kind of bloggers online, some talk about food, some talk about fashion, technology, sports, music, traveling or just their day-to-day lives.

As an example, I found that my passion for writing is in Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing so I know that the majority of my readers will be people who are interested in starting an online business or are looking to create an income online.

What I can suggest you do is to list out the things that you absolutely LOVE to learn about or are already learning (doesn’t necessarily have to be about making money online) and figure out the type of people who would be interested to learn them as well and then I would recommend you to go by these 3 simple concepts:

  1. Learn
  2. Apply
  3. Teach (Blog about it!)
2. Choosing A Blogging Platform

After you find out what you will be blogging about and who are your target audience, its time to start choosing a blogging platform for you to blog on! I personally use a self-hosted Wordpress blog because it allows me more freedom for writing and customization on my blog.

I recommend and personally use Bluehost as my hosting provider and the hosting fee is not that expensive as well.

But, if you are just starting out online, I would not advise you to get a custom domain just yet simply because of the all technicalities involved with it. Unless of course, you have some basic knowledge with programming.

There are also plenty of free blogging platforms for you to choose (they are generally referred to as Web 2.0 but don’t ask me why, I have no idea too).

Some of the most popular ones are Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr just to name a few. These free hosting sites will host your blog for free as long as you follow their rules and regulations and keep away from doing anything fishy because if you don’t, you might risk getting yourself banned and have all your blog posts deleted!

3. The Name

In the online world, your blog name will be your brand. As you progress further with your blog, you will start to notice people associating you with your blog name and for that, make sure your blog name is unique and represents who you really are or what your blog is about.

4. Spread The Word!

Regardless whether you write about a certain topic or just sharing experiences of your day-to-day life, the main reason you blog is to share things that you are passionate about, to help others and start building relationships with your readers.

Post links to your latest blog post on your Facebook page, join groups and online communities related to your blog and share about what you’ve got to say.

Make sure you engage with those who comment on your posts because that will keep them coming back.

Always remember to provide value and think about helping others first before ever thinking about profiting from your blog. More importantly, have fun!

How To Start a Blog on WordPress

If you are looking for “how to start a blog?” then you are in the right place.

In this post I go over the different considerations and decisions you have to make when you start a blog.

1. What are you reasons for blogging?

You need to decide what you are blogging for. Is it for fun or profit? If you are chasing visitors to your blog, what do you want them to do when they arrive. Maybe you just like to write, that is fine, blogging can be absolutely therapeutic in some ways.

2. Decide what you are going to blog about?

If you are very certain about the reason that you are blogging then that will help you understand and decide on what you are going to blog about. What you are going to blog about is also determined by the people that you are trying to talk to.

You can blog about current news, viral videos or controversial topics. You can stick to a certain topic, eg car repairs, or how to get a six pack. By staying consistent on one topic you can gain credibility and be seen as an expert in your field.

Product reviews are also a good thing to blog about.

3. Free blog or paid blog?

Free blogs are all over the web, simply do a web search and you can find some. Some examples are blogger.com, WordPress.com, blog.com and Weebly.com.

Now with most things in life freedom isn’t free. Your blog will not be your own, the domain will be something like bradsblog.wordpress.com so you will have the same domain name as many other people.

If you are looking to make money most of the free services don’t allow you to advertise on their sites. Free blogging services aren’t the best option but are an easy free way to dip your feet in the water.

Paid blogs –

For a paid blog you have to pay for the domain and the hosting.

You will then own the blog yourself and therefore have more control over the blog when you begin to try and make money.

A lot of the free blogs don’t allow you to advertise on it. You can use the free program WordPress.org program to put on your blog, which will give you themes and utilities to help make your blog.

Cheap options is brainhost.com, HostGator.com, GoDaddy.com all offer hosting solutions. For example GoDaddy.com hosting starts at $2.99/month.

So you are looking at about $36 dollars a year for hosting. Take a look at all the options and see what special deals you can get.

Most of these hosting provides will provide you with instructions on how to use their easy 1 click installation of WordPress on your new hosted domain.

4. Domain names

Now you will have to register a domain name (this is the actual name of your website/blog). Domains start at about $8 but can go up into the thousands.

You can use a service at Namecheap.com to register you domain name.. The more popular domain names usually cost more. Eg obviously you would have no chance buying the domain nba.com but you could buy mynameisjohnsmithfromamerica would be pretty cheap, however weird.

A nice simple option when starting is to go for names like firstnamelastname.com etc something like that.

You can always change the domain name later or have more than one all linking to the same actual webpage. For example you might own 3 domain names but have it so if you type in any of them they all go to the same website. Once your website is up and running we have answered the question “how to start a blog?” However this is just the start of your journey into blogging! The next things you have to focus on are traffic and content.

5. Traffic

When you put something on your blog you want people to read it or watch it. This is where traffic comes in.

If you want your blog to be successful you need to learn to get traffic to it. There are many different options here depending on your expertise and budget.

Basically traffic can be broken down into free and paid traffic.

Free traffic includes

• Search engine traffic,

• Social media traffic (Facebook, twitter etc),

• Forum posts,

• Article marketing.

All of these topics by themselves could be the topics of pages and pages of how to articles.

Paid traffic includes

• PPC (paid per click) advertising, eg the little ads you see at the top of every Google search,

• Solo ads which is where you pay someone with a large list of email subscribers to email them and tell them about your blog,

• Banner advertising – you buy an advertisement space on a website for a set term eg 1 month 6.


Once you have your site up and running you need to start posting relevant content in the form of articles, pictures or videos. For ideas on what to write about check out current trending videos at YouTube.com/charts, news provides like CNN.com or simply Google search news.

So I hope this has given you a basic overview of the actions required to get started and answered the old question “how do I start a blog”.


If you are looking for a way to start a blog without all the hassle of setting it up

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Start a Blog Site

It isn’t just enough for the doctor to be good. It does matter where he sets up his practice too, right? For any blogger, choosing the best blogging platform is almost as important as the content he is trying to sell.

This write-up is tailor-made for anyone trying to start a blog for free. You would want to end up with the best blogging site that is easy to use, readily customizable and is easy on your reader’s eyes!

Thinking of voicing your opinion on the web? Or even trying to make a decent earning just by writing your opinions on the massive internet arena? Well, there are a wide range of free blogging sites available for you to start a blog. Of course, which best blog platform you choose is completely up to you and your requirements.

Listed down below are brief write-ups about the 7 best blogging platforms which will help you decide which one to choose when trying to start a blog for free.



Almost all to-be bloggers and current bloggers would have heard about WordPress during their blogging journey or atleast during their research for the same. In this expedition, one is bound to hesitate for a minute before choosing between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is more for users who are looking for free blogging sites while WordPress.org requires hosting by the user, which means you have to shell out a few bucks to make the most out of it but it entitles you to have full ownership of your blog.

Find out the pros and cons of the same and decide if it is the best blogging platform for you?


  • Very good content management system.
  • WordPress.org is an open source website builder adding to its flexibility.
  • Varieties of themes make it highly customizable for bloggers. The benefit is definitely more here for WordPress.org
  • Numerous free plugins are available for WordPress.org offering you great diversity.
  • If you are looking to make some income out of your blogging, then you can always go for WordPress.org. It is one of the best blogging platforms for e-commerce.
  • It offers you lots of scope to learn and expand. There are a plethora of forums and communities to help you along the way if you find it difficult.


  • Self-hosting for WordPress.org requires you to invest some money into it. But hey, the more you are ready to invest, the more benefits you can reap especially if you are using the blog as part of your business and not just as a hobby.
  • Limited plugins and designs are available for WordPress.com but is still very much at par with other blogging platforms.
  • It takes time to get a hang of all the features before receiving maximum benefit and is thus time consuming and challenging for a beginner.


The basic difference that can be attributed to when it comes to distinguishing between the two is the domain name. If you have noticed specifically, one has an.org extension while the other has a .com extension. Now the mystery starts! Go ahead and read the cool features that make the two different from each other.

  1. WordPress.com: is more of software service based company which offers hosting services at large.

WordPress.org: is more of an informative data container which contains information basically related to word press and its different aspects.

  1. WordPress.com: Offers hosting services completely free. The installation part is a bit tricky though.

WordPress.org: This service is free and is more of an open source platform which gives quality product to its users.

  1. WordPress.com: Not customizable. No personalized plug-ins or modification of source code allowed.

WordPress.org: Customization made fairly possible. Modification of source code is easy to derive best benefits.

  1. WordPress.com: You have to pay for removal of those third party advertisements.

WordPress.org: No such payment fees required.


Though another popular blogging platform, Weebly is now mostly used as a website builder. With Weebly, you can have your blog up and running in no time.


  • Easy drag and drop option when creating website content therefore providing a visual interface.
  • It offers you great ease of use. You need not be tech savvy to find your way around Weebly
  • Attractive design and layout choices
  • Not time consuming, as it is relatively easy to learn how to go around it
  • Ideal for those users looking to build small or simple websites
  • Free hosting services offered for their sites
  • Has a platform built for e-commerce
  • Monetization. Weebly offers a number of options in this area like AdSense, banner advertisements and third party codes


  • Not an open source website builder. Doesn’t offer much flexibility compared to the other players in the platform
  • There is a page restriction for the free and starter plans – 5 pages for the former and 10 pages for the latter. However, there are two upgrades from the starter plan available
  • Lacks in customization abilities
  • Does not support additional plugins other than the ones that are already built in. Hence, there is no option of installing more plugins of your choice
  • Not ideal for those looking to make revenue using complex websites



  1. You will be provided with a custom domain name which is basically of the form yourname.blogspot.com
  2. It offers exclusive free hosting and the publishing features are all taken care of by the site itself.
  3. If you are a beginner, this free blogging site is definitely recommended for you, since it provides an easy to use graphical interface with a step by step process explained for the same.


  1. The targeted benefits of blogger are very good. However, customization features are not so readily available and there is a kind of limited edition graphics and themes for the same.
  2. Since it is relatively easy to use, there is only limited or no kind of support services made available by the site. However, you can search the web for any help need while you start your own blog.


Tumblr has its own standing among the free blogging sites. It definitely is quite an arena which basically deals in community based updates and posts alike and has a one stop shop look with its image lined galleries.

Listed below are a few pros and cons which will help you differentiate it from the other best blogging platforms and give you a clear understanding of which platform to choose for your specific needs. Go ahead and give them a look.


  1. Simple and minimalistic features lined with a great user interface that helps you start your very own blog for your specific purpose
  2. Quite similar to social networking sites, it is rather a community based website with excellent image gallery on the line including re-blogging features and the like.
  3. High end premium themes are available at an affordable price apart from the affordable hosting features it offers. Starting a tumblr blog is in fact free!
  4. Offering attractive apps for the different kinds of Smartphone on the move makes it a great option among the best blogging platforms.


  1. Customization features according to your needs is not yet made available for this extensive platform. This is a huge downside to this otherwise wonderful free blogging site.
  2. Only limited widgets and options are available for your use.


Being able to build a highly potential website with enhanced functionalities is one specific thing that is high in demand in the current market scenario. There are a variety of potential website builders for meeting your corresponding requirements and Squarespace is one such free blogging platform which offers such added functionalities.

However, you would want to check out the positive and the negative factors before concluding if it’s the best blogging platform.


  1. It is easy to build and is highly functional. The platform is in fact very cozy to use.
  2. User-friendliness and flexibility factors are much high. Great themes are available for your use.
  3. Full time quick support is available for all squarespace users.
  4. User end updating is not required and all updation of themes and plugins are done at the server side.


  1. Not suitable for sophisticated and high end users who demand a greater professionalism of the given design. Minimalistic design options are however available if you wish to choose.
  2. Premium packages are slightly beyond the affordable range.
  3. It is not an open source platform.


When it comes to building your blog via a standard blogging platform, there are a number of services available online which provide the same for an affordable cost. In this huge competition, one that stands quite worth mentioning is the Medium blogging platform.

Listed below are quite a few pros and cons of concluding Medium as the best blogging platform for your exquisite blogging and business needs alike.


  1. The target audience is quite good. Some great exposure is available on this kind of platform.
  2. It is easy to use and is quite user friendly.
  3. It boasts of an affordable cost for hosting features and the like.
  4. Typography is one thing which you can be very sure of. Such content looks excellent here.
  5. The updation and maintenance are handled by the professionals so you don’t need to worry about the regular updation tasks.


  1. Tough competition is its great downside. The published content and stuff needs to be highly exclusive and of top notch standard.
  2. Customization features are not available and there are limited amount of themes which you can choose from.
  3. The exposure to the audience is limited to the time duration of the work.
  4. Designing is not what is exactly offered here exclusively. It is more of a content based website than a free blogging site.


Quite a new blogging platform which came into existence in the year 2013, this native website has taken the internet by storm. It is one exclusive free blogging platform developed solely for blogging purposes and stands quite an appreciation for its exclusive fresh and rich content and great user experience.

Listed below are a few features which will help you determine the applicability of this blogging platform designed to serve your specific business purposes at large. Go ahead and take a look!


1. It is very easy to use. The website is so user friendly and is highly functional in all its aspects.

2. What makes it more attractive is its exquisite simplicity. It is highly flexible and is suitable for even naïve users. It is in best demand for use by all blogging novices.

3. Abstraction is provided at a brand new scale. The modulation of the site is done specifically to suit the various design and content needs of the corresponding users.


  1. It lacks in actual users for this platform and you can specifically notice that this platform is still in the beta testing phase of the testing lifecycle.
  2. Widgets and plug-ins are missing in this platform which is quite a disadvantage when compared to other similar sites!
  3. Being new to the market, this particular platform is lacking in basic user reviews on a larger scale.

Choosing the best blogging platform for you is quite an important call to make. Weigh your requirements and skills well to make an informed decision!


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Gaurav_Jain/2317256

Affiliate Blogger Pro

Blogging for Profit

Blogging for Money Strategy

Blogging is an old and tested marketing strategy.

Recently I went through the MLM traffic formula course from Mike Dillard and the base of their teaching is about creating a blog in which they call their “nerve centre”.

In the course this is the centre of your business, the home base of operations which you want to turn into a lead converting machine.

A lot of people try Blogging for Money and fail or give in, but like any marketing strategy you have to stick to it and work on it until it starts to produce results.

The reason most people fail at blogging is that they start out with unrealistic expectations and are impatient.

Often blogging taken 3-5 months to rank a website even if you’re doing everything right, Even if they do everything in their blog right, they may lack the SEO skills needed to rank on Google or they might not be providing enough valuable information.

So if I was to start blogging, what are the Key factors of creating a successful blog?

First of all you want a blog that stands out.

You want something that has some aspect that makes people remember your blog.

This isn’t a must, but it’s helpful. Just don’t let your blog get too cluttered.

You want a mobile responsive theme.

A lot of people search the web on their phones so having a website that’s responsive to mobile phones is a must!

You want a content driven site.

By that I mean that content must be king.

You lead your blog with valuable and helpful content.

Google loves content, and so do people! Why would someone go or stay on a site that has no useful information or purpose?

You want your Blog to be a Niche.

By that I mean if your blog is about dogs, but then you start blogging about sports, then your kids, then the best tips on how to brave the Sahara desert, your blog is not a Niche.

You should pick a niche and then niche down e.g. your blogs about dogs you also write about breeds of dogs, then colour dogs and rare breeds of dogs.

You’re finding sub niches within that niche.

If you’re planning on having traffic or creating an income from your online business through blogging you need a strategic plan in place so you know how you’re going to get what you need to do.

Figure out what your site is about and what niche you’re going to be writing about.

Once you know your Niche another helpful thing you can do is market research.

If you don’t know what your target market’s problems are or the questions they need answering are, how are you going to solve them?

After all that’s what your content should be doing

Your content should be ending another internet users search.

When you do this, from a marketing stand point, you’re placing hooks in the ocean.

Blogging is an old and tested marketing strategy.

Recently I went through the MLM traffic formula course from Mike Dillard and the base of their teaching is about creating  

A lot of people try Blogging for Money and fail or give in, but like any marketing strategy you have to stick to it and work on it until it starts to produce results.

The reason most people fail at blogging is that they start out with unrealistic expectations and are impatient.

Often blogging taken 3-5 months to rank a website even if you’re doing everything right, Even if they do everything in their blog right, they may lack the SEO skills needed to rank on Google or they might not be providing enough valuable information.

So if I was to start blogging, what are the Key factors of creating a successful blog?

First of all you want a blog that stands out.

You want something that has some aspect that makes people remember your blog.

This isn’t a must, but it’s helpful.

Just don’t let your blog get too cluttered.

You want a mobile responsive theme.

A lot of people search the web on their phones so having a website that’s responsive to mobile phones is a must!

You want a content driven site.

By that I mean that content must be king.

You lead your blog with valuable and helpful content.

Google loves content, and so do people! Why would someone go or stay on a site that has no useful information or purpose?

You want your Blog to be a Niche.

By that I mean if your blog is about dogs, but then you start blogging about sports, then your kids, then the best tips on how to brave the Sahara desert, your blog is not a Niche.

You should pick a niche and then niche down e.g. your blogs about dogs you also write about breeds of dogs, then colour dogs and rare breeds of dogs. You’re finding sub niches within that niche.

If you’re planning on having traffic or creating an income from your online business through blogging you need a strategic plan in place so you know how you’re going to get what you need to do.

Figure out what your site is about and what niche you’re going to be writing about.

Once you know your Niche another helpful thing you can do is market research.

If you don’t know what your target market’s problems are or the questions they need answering are, how are you going to solve them?

After all that’s what your content should be doing

Your content should be ending another internet users search

When you do this, from a marketing stand point, you’re placing hooks in the ocean.

When someone bites they end up in your website.

If you have an opt-in with an enticing offer, you might just get a lead.

If you go back to my post on the online business strategy you’ll remember that your online network marketing business consists of:

1. Making a list

2. Creating a relationship with the people in that list

3. Marketing to the people in the list

And this is the heart of your internet business.

There are many strategies to do this, but a blog with valuable niche specific content and an opt-in form is one way that you can build that list.

And that’s my article on Blogging for Money.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8538869

Blogging for The Money

If you’re doing blogging for the money, then you desire a strategic plan leading anyone to

If you are doing blogging for money, then you need a strategic plan that leads you to success.

You need to learn from your mistakes and do new things.

Most blogger don’t understand it, therefore only a few bloggers are successful bloggers who are making big money online.

If you know what should be done, then you can also become a successful blogger and make lots of money from blogging.

Here are the top 5 tips which help you to make money from blogging.

1. Keep your blog fresh and updated –

Most bloggers fail at blogging because they don’t take it as a business. And every business needs maintenance.

You should keep your blog fresh and updated. You should make new, informative and interesting posts on it.

Make blog posts with consistency. Consistent posting is very important in blogging.

It attracts search engines spiders to rank your blog. It means you will get more traffic from search engines.

And everyone knows that blogging money depends upon traffic.

2. Target low competitive keywords –

If you are a new blogger, then you should not broad your niche and market.

Make it narrow for less competition and more targeted audience.

Do keyword research on Google AdWord Keyword Tool and pick up some low competitive keywords on your niche.

Craft these keywords on your blog posts.

3. Write reviews of the products related with the niche of your blog –

It will give you more money as well as keep your blog interesting.

Your visitors will consider you as an expert in your niche when they see your reviews.

If your write more reviews of popular products, then it will make your blog more popular.

It will also attract other ad networks to advertise on your blog.

Then you will make more money from blogging.

4. Visit other blogs on your niche –

See what other bloggers are doing.

Apply their tricks and monetization methods on your blog.

And do a little better from your competitors. You will become a successful blogger.

5. Post comments on other related blogs –

Now you are thinking why it is very important to post comments on other blogs related with my niche.

It is very important because it will give you more traffic plus it will spread your backlinks on other high ranking blogs, so it will help you to increase your page rank.

More page rank means more traffic and more traffic means the more money you will earn from blogging.

These are the top 5 tips to make money from blogging. But for making big money from blogging, you need a proper guidance form an expert and successful blogger.

Well, if you are still not able to make money by blogging, then don’t forget to grab your FREE Blogging Guide

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5637519

Blogging for Profit

Start a Blog for Money

I strongly believe that everyone has to take advantage of the opportunity that blogging offers. Some People would often jump into blogging straight away without even understanding what blogging really is.

In this article, I hope I could in some way, get you started to blog.

There are tons of reasons why people might want to start a blog. Finding all the reasons would be next to impossible.

After all, there are over 150,000,000 blogs out there and I bet everybody has a different answer to the “why do you blog?” question.

In this section, I am going to cover some of the best reasons to why you should start blogging today and hopefully get you to decide if blogging really is for you. There are 4 main types of blog and these are:

  • 1. Company blogs – blogs run by a company who are selling a product or service to people. Most of the time, These types of blogs are made to give product/service updates to their customer and usually created to build good relationships with them. A good example of a company blog is the Google Blog which ranks 10th most popular blog in the world (according to technorati)
  • 2. Personal Blogs – these types of blogs are more like an ‘online diary’ where you write updates about your life, post some of your cat’s pictures and share those updates to the world. (pretty much like how twitter and Facebook are being used today.)
  • 3. Blogs that Provide Value – blogs that are usually started by a single person and often run by one. These are blogs that talks about informative subjects and specific expertise. I.e. Problogger for blogging advice, Copy blogger for Copywriting, SEObook for SEO tips
  • 4. Automated / fake blogs – these are types of blogs that I wouldn’t recommend but they do deserve a mention since there are literally millions of them out there. Automated blogs are blogs that were setup to scrape other blog’s content. Basically, all they do is steal content from other sites and post it on their blogs automatically by using an Autoblogging software. the owners of these sites makes hundreds of these and even if each one only makes $5 a month, they can make a tidy profit out of it.

Blogs that provide value is written with an ‘underline’ because that’s the type of blog which I recommend you build.

So if you’re looking for a way to make money out of creating a spammy auto blog that steals content from others, this article is not for you and you may be better off searching for a guide about it on one of those black hat forums.

But if you’re here to provide value (and make money while doing it at least), Then this article may just what have everything that you’ll need to answer the – ‘Why should I start a blog?’ question.

These are the 4 main types of blogs and the reason for creating them includes:


Money is always a Good Motivator and I can’t hide the fact that most bloggers starts a blog for the sole intention of profiting from it. In fact, (Although it doesn’t sound great) I wouldn’t be into blogging today if I didn’t know that I can make money out of it.

Note: blogging only for money is the last thing you would want to do. Providing Value should be your number one priority and That’s something you should always keep in mind.

below are some examples of successful blogs who were able to make their authors – Millionaires:

1. Johnchow.com – Blog by John chow is a blog that earns over $40,000 per month.

2. Mashable.com – blog owned by Pete Cashmore that’s focused on the social media news. it was said on a recent interview that mashable is now earning over $200,000 worth of monthly income.

3. Problogger.net – Darren rowse the author of Problogger, has never revealed his exact earnings but judging to the numbers of his subscribers and his alexa stats, A good $45,000 per month calculation maybe enough to say that his earning this big every month.

of course, These blogs had been online for a long time and each of the owners had put hard work and effort to get to where they are today. (by the way, if you wish to see more blogs that makes money, you can easily do so by searching on your favorite search engine: “Top Money Making Blogs in the world”)

While Having a $40,000 monthly earning sounds cool, I would still advise you to target a more realistic earning first. $5,000 is a reasonable income to target and there are thousands of blogs out there who earns this much. After you’ve reached that point though, the sky really is the limit.

Showcase your expertise

Blogs will always be a good chance to get you noticed as a Photographer, Designer,Guitar tutor, or even a Food Lover who writes about food. No matter what chosen field you’re in, blogging is always a great way to get you known.

When you blog, you’re providing value and providing value means you’re showcasing your expertise to the world. All thanks to blogging, I had been able to share my knowledge about making money online to a quality number of people including *you* – and that’s a good example of how powerful blogging can really be. You get the chance to Establish yourself.

Ease of use

Before blogging had ever existed, it would had been impossible for a regular Joe to start his own website. He would have to pay a lot of money to some web designer before everything could be set up. But since blog Softwares and CMS (content management Softwares) were born, life had never been so much easier for someone (including me) to build a website.

Today, anyone who could type in a keyboard could literally post content online. Content that does not only comes in Text form, but also in Video, Image – you name it. They can all be easily added with basic computer skills.

Those are basically the major reasons that I think about every time I see someone blogging. Hopefully, This would get you motivated to start blogging today.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Elie_Medina_Palima/929626


Blogging About Making Money

Money and sex are two of the most discussed topics on the internet. There’s no wonder that blogs about money and blogs about dating and stuff like that have so many readers and make a ton-load of money.

Blogging about money can be very lucrative. You make money online and you explain people how they can do it too. The problem with this niche is that you need to show something in order to be credible. When you are just at the beginning of your money making journey, you won’t have too much to show, so you have to be creative.

It’s hilarious to see beginner bloggers who write monthly income reports and publish them on their blog, displaying figures in the $0 – $100 range. If you blog about making money, don’t do that mistake. Don’t publish your revenue unless it’s something that would entice others to follow your advice. If you only make $20 per month, why would I care about your tips? I can probably make more than that in one hour of work.

A good idea to get followers is to be creative. You can set up your own experiments with websites, then publish the results on your blog. That’s interesting and people would follow, even if you don’t make money. Ideas are also worth spending time on. Beginner internet marketers might find your ideas cool, so you might be able to gather a large enough group and set up something like a group challenge. For example, you can set the goal of building a website and make your first $100 from it within three months.

Of course, you need to have a method to share with your followers, to guide them and to help them in your collective effort of generating some money, no matter how little.

If you are lucky, some already famous internet marketer might write about your challenge, case in which you may end up so popular, that you’ll have to spend hours each day only reading your email. Well, you can make your own luck, you know? Once you have your challenge setup in detail, write a cool letter to all internet marketers that are older in the business than you and ask them to review your idea. If you send out 200 letters, you might receive 4-5 reviews.

Other beginners could also help you. Encourage them to promote your challenge on their blogs. Become friends. Help each other. You never know which of those people will become a leader in the field. In a few years time, you might be happy for knowing that person since their beginnings in the industry. Those are the friendships that last and bring you all benefits. You can always set up JVs with those friends of yours.

Whatever you do, never forget to educate yourself in your niche. If you blog about making money online, read as much literature on the topic as you can find. There are some really good blogs out there, so subscribe to their feed, watch them, interact with those communities and you’ll see the benefits in no time.


How to Make a Living from Blogging

Making a living as a blogger is a dream that many people share. If you are like most people, the thought of being able to work from home, set your own hours and write about a topic that inspires you is incredibly appealing. Unfortunately, most people who start blogging for profit never reach their goals. There are two main reasons for this.

First, many people overestimate how quickly their traffic will grow. When they don’t see immediate results they get frustrated and give up. Second, many bloggers fail because they didn’t start with a plan. Just like any other business, blogging needs to be approached with a solid plan for how you expect to reach your goals. Otherwise it is easy to get sidetracked before you start to turn a profit.

The key to blogging success is growing a large readership. Unless you have substantial traffic, you won’t be able to demand high enough advertising dollars to earn a living. Unfortunately, getting traffic isn’t as easy as it used to be. Today, having a successful blog involves far more than writing excellent, engaging content. You also have to find innovative ways to market your blog and grow your readership.

If you make the mistake of focusing only on your writing and neglect marketing, you won’t see the results you want. Even the best writing is worthless if no one ever reads it. Instead, you have to take a two-pronged approach. Along with writing excellent content and providing regular updates, you also have to invest a significant amount of time in marketing.

Regular updates are important. However, don’t feel like you need to update your blog every day. Instead, try updating it several times a week. Make each post the absolute best that it can be. Then, spend the rest of your time focusing on marketing.

There are quite a few effective marketing techniques that you can employ. One of the most popular is writing a guest post for another blog. Look for high-traffic blogs in your market. Contact the blog owner and ask them if you could do a guest post in exchange for a link back to your blog. As long as you provide high quality content, many blog owners will be happy to accept your post. After all, it is essentially free content for their blog.

Guest blogging benefits you in two ways. First, it allows you to reach out to the other blog’s audience. If you content is engaging enough, hopefully they will click through to read more on your blog. Additionally, it also provides a link back to your site, which helps boost your standing in the search engines.

If you are stuck for ideas on how to proceed, take a look at some of the most successful blogs in your industry. Try to determine what they are doing that is different than what you are doing in terms of marketing. Once you have an understanding of what you want to achieve, sit down and write out a plan for how to get there. Determine how many days a week you plan to post and how much time you want to commit to marketing.

Taking the time to market your blog can mean the different between success and failure. If you develop a plan and stick with it for the long haul, you can successfully make a living with your blog.