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Why Blogging Is Good For You

Blogging is the latest craze of the online world. More and more people of all ages write blogs about their personal life or about various topics they are passionate about. We are going to see now why blogging is good for you by discussing a few of the benefits of this social interaction form.

First of all, many humans have a strong need to express themselves. As not all of us can be artists, blogging will help even the less gifted to benefit from putting their thoughts and feelings in a shape that can be shared with others. Psychologists advise lonely and introvert persons to try to open up by keeping a diary. If we were to push the diary a step forward, we could keep it online, in a blog. The entry barrier in blogging is very low, as anybody can open a free blog and have it up and running in as little as five minutes.

There’s another benefit to blogging, which is earning money. If your writing is interesting, readers will be tempted to subscribe to your RSS feed, in order to be able to read your new articles just as you publish them. After you manage to build a bigger audience, you can simply display advertising on your blog and get paid for it. You could sign up with Google AdSense, for instance, a free advertising network which is excellent because it serves targeted ads. This means that if your blog is about pets, your readers will see pet-related ads.

Another way to make money from a blog is to use affiliate offers. For example, if you just bought yourself a juicer, you can write a thorough review of it and publish it on your blog. You can take photos, or even make little videos to demonstrate the benefits of your juicer. Then you’ll want to give your readers a place where they can go and buy the product for themselves. This place can be either Amazon or another online store which comes with an affiliate program attached. When you join an affiliate program, you’ll be given some links to put on blog, links leading to products of your choice and which will bear your personal affiliate ID with them. Each time somebody makes a purchase via your affiliate link, the software will tell that to the vendor, who then will give you the agreed commission for making that sale.

Making money from a blog is not rocket science. However, it might take time and effort before being able to generate enough revenue to quit your day job, so you shouldn’t rely on this too much. Nonetheless, even if you make no money, blogging is good for you because it helps you build a community of people sharing the same passions. Your readers will be able to interact with you by leaving comments on your blog or by sending you email messages. You might even end up by making new friends for life. This in itself is an awesome thing because friendships are among the most important things we have on this planet.


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How to Set Up a Blog

Blogging has become a very popular way to communicate with others. Many businesses use blogs to teach and inform people about things related to their business. Others write blogs to share their stories and experiences. Perhaps you have seriously considered writing a blog but don’t have the slightest idea where to begin. Well, here are a few tips about how to set up a blog.

Of course you should first choose a subject for your blog. Not every article has to be on the same subject, but there should be a common thread. For instance, if your blog is about raising children, you can include articles about shopping for kid’s clothes, school lunches, childproofing your home, etc. But you wouldn’t write an article about how to train your dog to sit up or how jet travel was first introduced to the world.

Staying on subject is important because people will return to your blog again and again if they are interested in the subject. If you have no subject, you will never build up a loyal following.

Blogging does not have to cost a cent, nor do you have to know computer programming to develop a blog. There are several really good free blogging platforms available to anyone who wants to use them. A few of the more popular platforms are:

  • Blogger
  • Blog.com
  • WordPress.com
  • Weebly

Just go into any of those sites and there will be easy to understand instructions about setting up your own blog. Many very popular bloggers who have millions of readers have blogs on these blogging platforms.

It is important when writing a blog that you write about something you know or care about. You don’t have to be an expert — in fact your blog might be about how you are struggling to gain expertise in some area. The reason it should be about something familiar to you is so that you will write blog posts regularly.

Writing regular posts is a very important tip when creating your own blog. If you are passionate about something then you will write about it. If you are writing a blog about dog training, but you don’t even own a dog, then you will not feel like writing regularly.

Be sure to include photos on your blog. The most popular bloggers have learned their readers like to see pictures of the things they are writing about. If you are writing about your kids, show their pictures. If you post an article about the first day of school, show pictures of the school and your son or daughter getting on the school bus. This will really help you develop an audience.

After you post a new article to your blog, let your friends know about it by making a comment on your Facebook page or announcing it to your Twitter followers. Don’t say: “I posted a new article today”. Instead, whet their appetite. Say something like: “What a fiasco! Today was Billy’s first day of school and boy, was I unprepared! I wrote about my humiliating experience on my blog.”

Blogging can be great fun and it can also be a way to communicate with lots of people. So get out there, put up your own blog and start blogging!

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